Hey, Gen Y! You Suck at Computers. Do These Five Things.

Hey Gen Y! You’re shit at computers.

Not you, mate, with your iPhone 6 and your expensive shoes and your Tinder and your graphic design startup. I mean Gen Y suck at using the most important business and organizational tool there is – especially in comparison to Gen Z.

Those cheeky little devils have been uploading to the cloud and Grinding and Snapchatting their entire lives. I know a kid who once booked his family’s 10-day holiday to Bali in about five minutes on an iPad. Without telling them. They had a good time.

I’m talking to a large slice of my Millennial brethren, you with your constantly full hard drive and your Windows XP and your millions of unsorted photos and your handwritten tax return.

These five steps are for you. They have made my tech world a pleasure to use – rather than a pain.

Disclaimer: Your scribe isn’t the most digitally savvy person in the world – he has an iPhone 4 and his shoes are Converse and he thinks Tinder is weird and he sometimes uses Photoshop.

1. Get your stuff together.

Find every single computer, mobile device, portable hard drive, CD (oh, how quaint – you’ll need to rip those) and anything else that has your data on it. Then consolidate it all onto a single hard disk space. Too much data for a single hard drive? Buy a portable one, you’ll be needing that later. Get at least 2 X 500 GB drives. Roughly sort your data – delete anything you don’t need and arrange the rest into a broad folder structure: photos / music / videos / work / personal documents / miscellaneous will do fine for now.

2. Organise that disaster zone.

Now you have everything in one place, you need to be able to quickly find what you want amongst the mess. Don’t attempt to go through hundreds – or many, many more – folders and files of tunes, images or video. Get an app to do it for you. I use iTunes for music and the Apple Photos app and Flickr for images but the options are endless. Google it. Do your research, delve into the Preferences menus and make sure the app is doing the heavy lifting for you. As long as you keep your files in the same place, the app will always know where to look. Be ruthless – delete as much as possible. Start by cleaning up that shocking iTunes library.

3. Don’t be scared of the cloud or the government or cyber-terrorists.

If you’re not doing anything illegal you should be storing all your data online. Google has better security than your shitty apartment, trust me. I have all my important personal documents available at my finger tips via Dropbox and Google Drive. Scan all paper documents you’ll ever need and go completely digital. Just use strong passwords.

Your password sucks, says Edward Snowden

4. Back it up, shawty, back it up for me.

That is a terrible song but a killer headline. But, seriously, back everything up at least twice. The cloud is great but the internet might break one day. Then you’ll be thanking me. Store your two portable hard drives in two different places. Far away from each other.

5. Use Evernote.

There is an app for everything. You’ll find those which work best for you. Evernote works for everyone. It’s the notebook you always wish you had. I store recipes, writing notes, work ideas, music links, quotes, photos, videos, PDFs, shopping lists and much more. Notes and notebooks are tag-able, searchable, shareable – you can even set alarms and present cool post-Powerpoint slideshows. Install it on all your devices now.

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Brendan Park